Why Join?

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing identifies several benefits associated with participating in local liquor accords:

  • safer and more welcoming local neighbourhoods
  • enhanced local reputations for concerned and active licensees
  • an improved business environment
  • constructive working relationships between licensees, councils, patrons, residents and police
  • improved compliance with liquor licensing laws
  • reduced under-age drinking
  • reduced anti-social behaviour and crime
  • reduced alcohol-related violence.

Being a member of the Accord allows you to keep up to date with changes and licensing laws. It also provides a valuable opportunity to interact directly with Police and Council in a collaborative environment and to keep informed about Police and Council initiatives that could have an impact on your venue.

Most importantly, active participation in the Accord helps to ensure all venues in the area are being operated in an ethical and compliant manner, creating a safer, more enjoyable environment for the community and a more successful and profitable environment for venues.

Download the Membership Application Form here.

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